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A Wake Up Call To Cryptocians. See What Is Missing

The crypto market is growing every single day, new project consistly been launched on a daily basis. Over four thousands cryptocurrency currently exist in the crypto space.

Yet, there is fear of market negative market movement. An average crypto savvy person only seem to know about cryptocurrency being a money doubler.

This person believes that cryptocurrency is that one thing you put money into and then it doubles your money. But in reality is that what cryptocurrency really meant for?

We seem to be having a wrong perception of what a cryptocurrency is what it is not. We don’t seem to understand the original meaning of the word Cryptocurrency

The original intent of cryptocurrency is gradually being hijacked by the same mentality that destroyed the fiat currency. Where a few set of elite sit and decide how money is printed or minted. They literally decide the flow of value in fiat currency.

Well, we are currently facing this very same challenge in the crypto space. Market manipulation seem to be the easiest thing to do in the crypto space. Why? Because we have completely neglect the original intent of creating a cryptocurrency in the first place.

A cryptocurrency should have it’s purchasing power. We want to come to place where we can start and finish a transanction with a crypto on physical products like buying groceries, or furnitures.

Finishing the transaction means that the seller or the merchant don’t have to take the cryptocurrency received to another market place before it becomes useful.

The current trend in the crypto market is indicating a DIP alert(please do your own research “DYOR”) and lots of people are already in the fear of seeing their portfolio goes back to zero.

This is just a wake up call to the crypto community as we journey on this path to a world freedom.



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