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Its another lecture delivered by the FCT DIRECTOR GENERAL of InksNation DAO Foundation, BRO. INK.CHRIS ONUH,

When hearing the word asset, a lot of things can come into our minds. The first thought would be something valuable, something precious to us, to our home, to our company or to our business.

What is valuable: Valuable can be an item, thing or entity, which condition and performance has an impact to our organization objectives and service delivery process. The value again can be diverse and vary between different organizations, type of business, stakeholders, etc.

Something’s valuable to a company could be physical devices that are used for different purposes. Valuable could be considered also the employees that work in a company. Their knowledge, career, attitude could be considered as a value for a company.

Reputation of company, the methods how it secures its important information, etc., receivable accounts(creditors) such as bonds and stocks have a very important value to the company.

One of the most common and very important assets, which are usually surrounded by discussions on whether or not they should be considered assets, are human beings.

A human being or a person cannot be considered an asset like tangible fixed assets such as equipment, because people cannot be owned, controlled or measured for future economic benefits in money terms, unlike physical assets.

In the industrial age, the gross domestic product was largely driven by tangible asset investments that appear on balance sheets -(equipment, buildings and land.) This remained true well into the 1980’s.

From 1980 to 1985, 88% of the increase in GDP was associated with growth in tangible assets. In today’s knowledge – or information – age, the driver of GDP growth has shifted from tangible assets to intangible ones. From 2000 to 2005, only 10% of GDP growth was related to tangible assets. Intangible assets drove 90% of GDP growth.

INKSNATION invented the World’s first Philanthropic Decentralized Ledger System (DLS), the InksLedger, and the World’s First Charitable Trust, the Inksnation, which operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

With the InksLedger economic protocol and Inksnation mode of operation, any nation can step out of extreme poverty in less than 9 months.

Also, because this model leans more on the value of human assets… Countries with high populations will benefit greatly from this system.

More precisely, countries that have more Human Asset Population E.g Countries like: China, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, and USA will benefit greatly from the InksNation value model.


why is a cleaner paid 2.406.3$ as salary in Luxembourg and a cleaner in Ghana paid 54.92$. Or why is a kid somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa denied basic education and the basic things that every kid deserves, why his peers in America have access to all these basic essentials.

Regardless of what you or us may have to say, With the rise in job automation through A. I technology, and the rise of self – service digital solutions, a huge share of the labor supply will be displaced and we will be faced with even more of this imbalance globally.

The question now is, with a reduction in human executable-jobs, and more hungry mouths to feed, how will the displaced labor force fare? Will we be reduced to the economic struggles of the past generations or will life be better, with basic essentials that are necessary for a modest and dignified life?

This is the solution that Inksnation has provided. Amongst other things… InksNation has a goal of placing every human under a Universal Child Basic Income (UCBI) of a minimum of 11$ Daily for life per person, regardless of their input in the labor market, race, or age.

With this wage system, Automated A. I powered robots will be an improvement to the human life and well being, rather than increase poverty. Helping us to collectively step out of extreme poverty together.

Inksupdate team



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