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Are time and money asset or liability?

In our previous post we talked about human, been an asset but today we going to talk about time and money been an asset or liability.

Firstly what are asset: asset are anything that put money into your pocket or add value to you.

What is liability: liability is anything that takes money out of your pocket or take out value from you.

Back to our topic are time and money asset or liability.

Come to think of this have your 24 hours been an asset or a liability.

Have you been able to add value to yourself or add value to other using your time .

Does your time put money into your pocket or takes money out of your pocket.

Least we forget what is time: time is length, measurements, ratio e.t.c

We might have heard the saying that goes we use money to make money
Technically it’s partially true but the correct statement is We use money to create other means of make money (passive income) there by accumulating wealth. That the secret the wealthy people use.

Its not about I don’t have billions in the bank account, that why I can’t invest or start a business should we tell you that with your ten thousand allowance you can still save order invest

Alright we will share you a formula that helps us save or invest

10% giving to God( tithe)

5% charity

40% feeding

15% saving/investment

25% miscellaneous

5% reserve

This ratio works for us and you can also use it or modify it to suit your income.

It’s merchant onboarding and we have LAGOS, ONDO, DELTA, KWARA, PLATEAU STATE.

Inksupdate team.



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