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Bag More Hatoken Today Before The First Burn Day

It is no longer news that the world’s biggest meme token is created by InksNation DAO LLC, one of the world’s largest DAO foundation.

InksNation foundation is known primarily for its humanitarian work in the crypto space, thanks to the founder and president of foundation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks, who can be called a crypto lord.

InksNation took a turn to create the world’s biggest meme token on the Binance Smart chain with over twenty thousand wallet address holders as at the time of this writing. It is amazing that a project that is not up to a month old can pull such an outstanding record.

According the Road map and White paper of Hatoken, 40% of the token created will be burn continuously for twenty weeks on a roll and the first burn day will start from January 1st of 2022.

Token Burn can also be liking to what is popularly known as Halving, every time this events occurs in the crypto space to an asset; the value of such asset increases. well Hatoken will experience twenty weeks burning. You are right!!! The value of Hatok will go up

Guess what? This is the best time to invest in a project with such a global relevance. Bag More, Hold Longer and Earn More. Become truly financially free in the year 2022



  1. As I Will Always Say, Lots Of Us Have Miss Bitcoin But Hatoken Is Around And Should Never Be Miss Again. Once Bitten Twice Shy. #Hatoken To The 🌕 🌕.


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