What a day to be remembered in the history of humanity. September 30th of every year will forever be in the heart of humanity.

Today Africa largest Non-Governmental Organisation Inksnation DAO Foundation celebrates 4 years of existence.

This was the day in the year 2017 the founder/ CEO of InksNation DAO, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks received the instruction to embark on the journey to a poverty-free society after several years of interceding on behalf of humanity.

Drawbacks don’t always mean defeat, drawbacks could also mean redress. Watch Out!” he quoted.

The world will forever be glad for the unique role of Inksnation DAO in this generation and generations to come. Generations unborn will be grateful that some men took the stand to create a truly poverty-free Society.

God Bless InksnationDAO




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