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Breaking!!! EFCC Released Inksnation President – Amos Omotade-Sparks

The great humanitarian of our time, Amos Omotade-Sparks, the President of INKSNATION DAO Foundation has been released by the EFCC (Economic And Financial Crimes Commission).

The world of cryptocurrency is truly filled with it’s ups and downs, as the government of nations are yet to have the full grasp of what it is all about.

The President of INKSNATION DAO Foundation was reportedly claimed to have been nabbed by the Nigeria EFCC (Economic And Financial Crimes Commission) on May 27th 2021 has been released

The humanitarian Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks, today while addressing the community, cleared the air about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED at the EFCC office in Sokoto state, Nigeria.

Omotade-Sparks said, he made an appearance to the EFCC office in Sokoto by himself on the contrary believe of the public that he was nabbed by the EFCC. “I was never nabbed by the EFCC, I went myself” he said.

The EFCC official held him down and was released on the 10th of June, 2021. Of course there was never media noise about his released as it was with his acclaimed nabbed by the EFCC

The President of the Decentralized, Autonomous Organization reassured all the members that a steady work on the project is heavily ongoing, stating that the organization has no intention of backing down no matter what it brings.

Amos Omotade-Sparks told the house on the organization national telegram platform this evening that, Inksnation is the reason God kept him alive.

He therefore thanked every member for their support and prayers during the turbulent. Again this has shown that Inksnation is truly Nota baby project. We can only expect the manifestation of InksLedger Blockchain in full operation in months to come.

Stay tune for more exciting updates about INKSNATION project.

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  1. Daddy ink is a great man, so for that devil’s like it or not he must delivered the mighty project he has started all this while, in other to prove the unbelievers wrongly by his mighty name of jusus christ. Ride on omorohi yapawu (meaning God is with you)

  2. We thank Almighty Allah who has just given us time to see the released our great and leader that’s UDi we will continued our struggle until we reach to the kingdom.we also thank for our members for the prayers and the maturity they show .Al last let us excise patient by God great everything will be over within a shortage times.

  3. Daddy inks, in as much as you are trying to assist helpless Nigerians; the Almighty God will continue to dwell with you and release you unharmed by His Grace and Mercies. We are praying always for you. Thanks and remain blessed abundantly IJMN

  4. Amos Omotade – sparks is a man that carry the Mantle of the Masses in his heart, nothing good comes easy, I pray that God should assist him in this project of inks nation so as to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

  5. Verily it sound as if Nigeria System of governance does not support COMFORTABILITY Of Citizens therefore members of InksnatioƱ should please pray more for the total success of inksnation because its the only option available to SUPPORT Human Race

  6. Inksnation appeared to be the only option to solve humanity problem and so with only prayer+ can achieve the best of it .let all member note that please! Appreciation of Daddy ink efforts may God the Almighty crowned your efforts sir udi

  7. Am happy that he was not arrested by efcc at all rather he went to efcc office by hm self at sokoto that showes that he is a freedom fighter for right

  8. Thanks be to God all the evil ones against the president we not see the light God continue to keep Him in Jesus NAME.


  10. My name is Sunday Okeinyi
    I thank God for everything
    Because God can not lie
    Inksnation is the one of best
    And I also thank God for the life of our CEO .
    GOD is with you sir and with inksnation


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