The Director General of InksNation DAO Foundation Abuja FCT has called for a meeting with all exchanger, Date: 21st of August 2021, Time: 2:00pm in preparation for the global relaunch of the Pinkoin operation.

Behind every thing working are hard working humans. This could not be less true for a project like Inksnation project in the journey to create a full fledged working cryptocurrency PINKOIN.

Meeting announcement

This currency has been created and used by many people across the nation, Pinkoin can be certified by anyone who has used it once or twice that truly the blockchain on which Pinkoin is sitting is definitely unique and super powerful

Pinkoin is created with different features which are just mind blowing, plus the InksLedger Blockchain on which the currency sits is super simple yet one of the most powerful and fastest blockchain in the crypto space

But could this project be a success without the intervention of human beings? Of course, the answer is No! Humans will always be needed, in fact that is one of the reason why Inksnation created a currency that places a direct value on humans.

In Inksnation DAO there are men and women working behind the scene, doing the hard work to see that humans lives the life they truly deserve, bringing humans back to the original state of abundance they were created to live in.



  1. I love this great thing happening now, God bless you sir and I pray this will come to reality in Nigeria and change the life of so many this will key into it.

  2. We’ve got an irresponsible government and every opportunity the citizens have to liberate others from captivity is always attacked. There’s a deliberate plan to keep the people at the government mercy so that they can always be manipulated to do their devious will.
    Eventually, would be freed. Inksnation would be one of the pioneers for it.

    Say I said it.


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