Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Buying is about to take a new dimension

Welcome back everyone, inksupdate is reporting from 3 cities today😱 and guess where they are 🥁 🥁 🥁 all the way from LAGOS CITY,BAYELSA AND CROSS RIVER and it Marchant onboarding🥳 yesterday CROSS RIVER MARCHANT ONBOARDING WAS HOT, but LAGOS WAS HOTTER and down to BAYELSA (can somebody say warri no dey carry last) IT WAS AS HOT AS (hell fire sauce) the Marchants are: PHONE DEALERS, REAL ESTATE AGENT/COMPANY, HAIR STYLIST ( FOR MEN & WOMEN) SPARE PART DEALERS, HOME INTERIOR DECOR, BOOKSHOP, DESIGNER BAG SELLERS, TITLES, KITCHEN WASHING BASIN, HOME APPLIANCES, MATTRESS

so sorry if we didn’t report from your state, inksupdate got you covered and we will be given you more update as we cover them.

Inksupdate team.



  1. By Jehovah Allah power inksnation shall continue to make all inksnation members happy , we are getting there , hummantys is our strength our joy , we keep moving 💪

  2. This is a move in the right direction. I can’t wait to see this happening. God is good and answer prayers for this innovation to come at this time and embrace by the people. I’m an ink. God bless the house of Omotade Spark. God bless UDI and UMI. Amen.

    • Patience they say is a virtue.we have waited this long,2 months or thereabouts is near d corner,by then everything will b clear

  3. Ye are really working heard for things to take good shape . I wish you the best , more grace congrats

  4. All Glory To God Almighty/Allah For Initiating And Backing This Great Vision Through Omotade Spark (A Nigerian). I Am A Proud Inks. Inksnation To The World.


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