Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Do you know There Is A Competition Happening Tonight?

We are in for a good time, I love competitions, I don’t know about you. Well do you remember the 37 Meeting days held? Of course, we are sure you remember.

Guest what? There is going to be a quiz competition tonight at the national telegram group if you are not there yet join the group now.

Now the most beautiful part of this, is that right here on inksupdate, it will be a whole lots of new operation all together, giving to the community is a priority

Inksnation is a giving driven organization and just incase you are new to this community, older members can testify to the generosity of UDI and the organization itself.

Do you remember Instagram give away? Or let me guess, I’m sure you remember the 7 days with UDI events that held back in 2020.

No worries if you just joined us, because we will introduce you to what inksnation truly stands for and our core value which is Love and Oneness. Stay Tune!!!



  1. We are planning a very good future to human resources to end poorvatiy in Africa mostly to those who understands what the crypto currency is .,good day to you all .

  2. There is no new or next level without a next devil but whosoever that stands strong in the Lord, surmounts the next devils or opposition’s. We thank God for the generosity and godly mind of UDI and giving him the way of excape from the next devil. We (InksNation) await a great future 👍

  3. Admin please add me to the Telegram group…I am inks favour
    I was in the group before….but found out that I was removed..
    I’ve tried several times to join but itz not responding…
    Am also an exchanger/ Agent
    Thanks alot for your assistance


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