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Every Citizen Should Know This – Inksnation

This is day two of the thirtoy-seven Meeting days,it was headed by SNR. Audu Mohammed. (MHoOs)
Now to his word:

Today we will be looking at the word pledge.

The word Pledge as a Noun may refer to any of the following.

(1) Pledge is to make a solemn binding promise Swear, agreement to do or refrain from doing something.
(2) pledge is something delivered as Security for the payment of a debt or fulfillment of a promise and subject to forfeiture on failure to pay or fulfil the promise.

However for the purpose of this Lecture we are referring to the First meaning of the word pledge.

As we have been saying over and over again, inksnation is not a business or a company

Inksnation DAO foundation is a Global Movement and Digital Community established to bring back the original Value give to human race to correct the economic and financial errors of the debt-base financial system.

Inksnation is a Nation of the Inks and therefore qualify to have a pledge.

Theoretically it is so we remind ourselves of our duty in inksnation.
And our Nation inksnation pledge is very important so as well our National pledge too is Important because it always remind us that all are equal, all the citizens are our brothers and sisters, it mainly tells about the right and discipline of a Citizen, it gives knowledge about our responsibility towards our Nation

inks to the world

So please anytime you’re reciting the pledge of Allegiance pays attention to what you’re saying not just saying the words, or look at it like a race to see who can finish first or sees it as monotone.

I therefore encourage all members of inksnation not only to know the pledge off hand but also to show it in our day to day actions amongs ourselves

Let’s put this in our minds inksnation has succeeded 101%
Apart from the money
Inksnation has creat love amongst us

Inksnation has creat more awareness, and eye opening to crypto currency in the country
Inksnation has taught us what we have not learn in school
Inksnation has taught us Artificial intelligence and the values of Blockedchain.

Inksnation has really prove to us that every child is special.

inksupdate team



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