In every project clarity is key! Have you been wondering why we are so excited about InksNationDAO 2.0? Well by this time tomorrow, you will be fully plugged into the loop because all questions will be answered tomorrow

Make it a date with Universal Daddy Ink tomorrow 19th of October 2021 in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where you will be hearing directly from the hero’s mouth

If you are not on the Inksnation global telegram group, we strongly recommend that you do it now so you can be fully in the loop. Click here to join the one united community

The AMA session starts by 7:00pm on the dot on the Global Telegram group of InksNation. Prepare your questions and get ready for some mind blowing answers.



  1. I comments our Daddy for all his effort to make this program a success, may the Almighty God protect you and your family Amen. Thank you Sir.


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