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Hatok Is Doing The World Proud – Over 137 Trillion Hatok Locked By Whales – See How Easy It Is To Lock Yours Today

Do you know that InksNation currently owned the world’s biggest meme tokens? I guess you don’t. Well lets do a little update run for you.

African most famous Decentralized Autonomous Organization InksNation Has shock the world by her newest decision to create the world’s biggest meme token called Hatok on Binance smart chain.

Hatok has gained over ten thousand holders in less than four days of fair prelaunch with a market cap of over 20 million dollars. That is huge!

But the result is not far fetched considering the brain behind the project itself, the legendary himself who could be refer to as crypto Lord, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks the president and founder of InksNation DAO foundation

With Hatok, the world will truly become free of poverty as InksNation DAO is known to be the only organization that focuses on creating crypto project that placed value directly on humans. Seeing humans as the most valuable asset the world could ever have

If you already owned some Hatok, congratulations because you are on a journey of becoming financially free indeed and if you haven’t buy Hatok token yet, what are you waiting for? Click here now to learn how to buy the token.

Now You Can Lock Your Token Safely

If you are very familiar with the crypto space you will realized that the word “Token Lock” is not new. It is the same thing with your contemporary banking when they say something like “Savings”

Locking your token away is both healthy to the project and also a big win for those that locked their tokens. You completely eliminate the temptation of selling your token at a very cheap profit rate

With over 137 Trillion $Hatoken locked by whales already, locking your token will be the best possible decision you will make. Click here to check the token that are already locked

How to Lock Your Token

  1. Copy this Link and open your trustwallet
  2. Click on the DApps button and paste the lick on the address bar
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Copy and paste the Hatok contract address. Here is the contract address: 0xF086D5B9019CC637dAD17b83321D93f84FfaA49b
  5. Put in the amount of Hatoken you want to lock. Simply click on MAX if you want to lock all the Hatoken on that wallet
  6. Choose the lock time. The duration you want it to be locked. It can be locked for 1 month or more
  7. Click approve and pay the Gas fee
  8. Click lock now to lock it and pay the second gas fee. Upon completion the details of your lock will be shown.

To View Your Token Lock Details At Another Time

  1. Go to
  2. Click the pinklock menu and select token
  3. Click the “My Lock” tab at the right

To Unlock Your Token After Lock Period

  1. Go to
  2. Click the pinklock menu and select token
  3. Click the “My Lock” tab at the right
  4. Click view
  5. Click Unlock and Pay the gas fees
  6. Upon completion you will see a successful message and you can now view the token on your wallet




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