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$Hatoken Listed On CMC And CoinGecko. See Price Projection – Hatoken Army

Guess What? Hatok is now listed on Coin MarketCap and CoinGecko, it was a thing of joy in the Hatok community when it was announced

The announcement came through the Founder and President of InksNation DAO LLC Amos Sewanu Omotade-Spark to the general public that the human Asset Token has been enlisted on the CoinMarketCap and this is a great and promising sign for humanity.

With this, every Hatoken armies are expected to hold(HODL) the Hatoken they have bagged, perhaps bag more if they can and wait till the end of the 20th burn week for better gains and the ability to conquer poverty once and for all.

Hatoken is a great token that cannot be dumped or faded in the crypto-economic because it represents humanity and its fight on behalf of humans.

Listing Hatoken on CMC and CoinGecko gives the project a better visibility and opportunity for millions of people to bag more.

A useful advice by the Founder himself, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks is to Hold or better still LOCK your Hatoken for minimum of 20 weeks. The price target of the developer and the community is to get Hatoken to a reputable price of around 0.006+

There is obviously no better time to bag as many Hatoken as possible than now, when 20 dollars can still bag 1 billion Hatoken

Two weeks ago, 3 dollars will probably bag over 1 billion Hatoken but right now 15 dollars can not bag 1 billion unit any more.

So what are you waiting for? Bag more, Hold more and lets moon Hatoken together.

Stay Tuned for more updates from Inksupdate team.



  1. I cannot access my Hatok, even now that it’s listed, what do I do to access my coin to know exactly what I have there please help out,



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