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Inksnation solves a major issue

One global family

Welcome inks family, yesterday was Day 1 of the 37 meeting days and as a family we promised to update you on every happenings.

The meeting was headed by BRO. INK ADEMUYIWA WASIU (MHoOS Zhegun) now to his words


INKSNATION is ready to pay all her members a minimum salary of $11 daily/#120 thousand worth of PINKOIN montly as (UBI) Universal Basic Income.

Let say someone approach you with money,cutlass or gun and now ask you to go out there and start a fight won’t you ask if he/she have family or not and the reason why they can’t give the money and gun to their family too to go and face death because you value your own life.

And that is where this question that people do ask come in which is how will i be collecting salary without doing any work??

Yes you are not doing any thing than Valuing yourself more.
👉Seeing yourself as the most valuable asset

👉Protecting your own life.
👉Valuing yourself more

👉 Seeing yourself as the most valuable asset
And so on…

👆👆 So with this you will also want to secure your life more because whenever you remember that you are being paid for keeping yourself safe it will make you value that precious life well.

And by doing so there will be Love,Peace and Unity in the country everybody will be looking out for one another.

When Mr. A see that something bad is about to happen to Mr. B he will quickly alert him because he knows that if mr B dies automatically $800.000 would be gone out of the country reserve and if that happens it also affect mr A salary…that alone will let Love lead

Mother killing thier child, husband kill wife, children kill parent and the worst part of it Religion leader kill thier members all because of (Money).So INKSNATION is here to End all the killings.

Once we understand that there is more benefits attached to securing our life then you have no reason carrying gun and cutlass to get yourself killed or even think of wasting a fellow human life.

Come to think of it is there any human being after suffering all he has suffered and he is told that he is worth $800,000 and that from today onwards you will be paid $400 monthly for life from that his worth as Universal Basic Income, then if you are working in the Government you get higher percentage eg $2000 monthly, your housing will be deducted, car allowance from that $800,000 etc Is there anyone that will refuse such offer ?🤔

Lastly we thank inksnation family for standing firm and making sure that this project comes to reality because without YOU there is no US.

Inksupdate team



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