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Inksnation solves humanity greatest fear-part 2


In the part 1 of this series we discussed at length what artificial intelligence is but we just summarized what we said before:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Intelligence is defined as robot, machines e.t.c. The main concept is to replicate human intelligence into machines. AI has been in existence from a very long time and has come a very long way. Nowadays, scientists from Japan and other countries are constructing smart machines or robots powered by AI.

AI is helpful in many fields and are of many types e.g a video game, self driving cars e.t.c.The machine can display the adversary acting like a human, however, it cannot learn or adapt like a human. On the other hand, AI can learn, adapt, recognize, and update her system according to the demands of her owner.

We all know that AI is a great advancement in technology and will prove to be a great resource in the future, however, some people think that AI is a threat to humanity. Conspiracy theorists and other groups of people think that machines will be able to overpower humans with the help of AI one day. Yes, just like it happened in the Terminator.

Now, don’t call me crazy but there is some strength in this theory and let me explain to you how. People believe that if the machines will be able to learn and understand the real world, they will start building emotions and would eventually want freedom from humans thinking that they’re being enslaved. And since the machines are more powerful than humans, they’ll be able to overpower us and then rule over us. Although this theory has a lot of Hollywood in it, it can still be a possibility that this theory comes to be true.

On the other hand, here are some advantages of AI:

👉Artificial Intelligence would have a low error rate compared to that of humans if appropriately coded. They would have incredible accuracy, speed, and ooprecision.
👉Hostile environments won’t effect them, thus they’ll able to complete dangerous tasks like fire accident, exploration of mineral resources(crude oil,rocks, e.t.c) needless to say, will endure the dangers that might be life-threatening for humans.
👉Predict what a user will ask, type, search, and do.
👉They can efficiently act as assistants and can recommend or direct various actions. A simple example of this can be found in smartphones.
Can detect fraud in card-based systems, and can also service as pet which can help alot with depression and inactivity
These are some of the advantages of AI.
And I agree that there can be some disadvantages such as:
👉the high cost and maintenance, but let’s get real, have these things ever stopped us from achieving anything? The answer is no. We believe that AI will prove to be one of the best things ever invented by humans and has a very bright future

The concept that AI-powered machines will become self-aware and would want freedom as a result of the new emotions they will develop has some logic to it. However, since we know this now, I am sure that we’ll be able to prevent this from happening easily and AI will never be a threat to mankind or the environment but rather a blessing to humanity.

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