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Is artificial intelligence a BLESSING or a THREAT

Welcome back everyone, it’s day 12 of the 37 meeting days headed by BRO.INK.KORELE JOEL ADEJINMI Ogun state director general.

Now to his words.

We started with reminding ourselves of WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: They are robot, drones, self driving cars e.t.c.

Artificial intelligence has its own advantages And disadvantages just like every innovation that has ever hit the world

Here are a few Advantages:

  1. AI reduces time spent on workflow( it is Faster than humans)
  2. AI has no downtime, works 24X7
  3. AI can perform complex Tax at lowered cost.
  4. Takes risk instead of Humans.
  5. Can serve as more efficient Customer Service, Health assistant’s, Traffic Managers, Teachers, Drivers, etc in place of human.

Some Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence are:

  1. Risk of unemployment for humans as AI can increasingly and efficiently, perform task that more than one persons may be employed for.
  2. Could be used as weapons of Destruction.
  3. No intuitive Emotion. Some certain human relationship decisions require emotional Intelligence before decision making.

So what is the way forward for humans

The way forward is the implementation of UBI (universal basic income)

Every forward thinking country should implement this to save her citizens from penury.

UDI with the Grace of God has forseen this and has made available to the world, PINKOIN crypto currency which pay all her citizens monthly universal Basic Income.

Inksnation already has a well structure system with the use of BLOCKCHAIN and AI in the promoting the human race even when AI takes over a lot of jobs and all we are asking the government is to give us a privilege to make the world a better place for all and sundry.

In conclusion, a man must suffer from one or two pains….

  1. The pain of Discipline &
  2. The pain of Regret…

Because POVERTY is a bastard. Therefore, this project is for everyone of us, all the humans in the world, we must give it the best it’s requires.

Having a self selfless mind, love and discipline through this great mentorship.
Lets the giant in us starts roaring everywhere, no going back, no retreat and
no surrender. It’s all our collective EFFORTS.

Inksupdate team.



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