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Judging From The Previous Experiences, What Does The Future Holds? – Inksnation

If anything had raised the hopes of an average man in the past one year, it is the InksNation project – PinKoin.

The standard of living gets intensely insane by the day, the big guys in the financial systems are doing pretty well while the majority seem like only trying to get through the day.

Humans helping one another comes up seem almost impossible because over the ages, people trying to help the masses seem to become the enemy.

The world literally come crashing on the soul of those who intend good for the general public. The government of the world are doing the best to see that the world becomes a better place for every citizen to live in.

The public servants are definitely doing all they know to do best in raising supports for the average folks I believe but like the saying, “everyman, first to himself”

NGO around the world working hard everyday to ensure that they contribute their own quota to helping the world.

Inksnation one of the largest Autonomous Organization built on the blockchain did not come last in this aspect and the team consistently working hard everyday in order to ensure that the masses comes to the reality of humans; living a better life.

In August 2020, InksNation leaped out and shouldered more than one million population with financial support as it gives it’s immediate members the opportunity to make withdrawals.

There was massive exchange program through her agents all around the world, and Nigeria been the major focus of operation.

Within August to November, InksNation had given out a lump sum of over $2 Million in cash to the millions of individual registered membersActivities of InksNation was carried out an average of 70 thousand (70,000) active agents across the 36 states of Federal Republic of Nigeria, including FCT

Not to mention the massive numbers of agents across the borders of the world. Conservatively we can say over 70,000 youths had one job or the other with the company directly or indirectly.

We can as well say it is rare to see such; happen in any organization in such a short time since inception of the world. This is no gain saying, the facts are there, data record are there. Testimonies are endless.

For once, people had something to leverage on, people had something to get their next meal from, the average folk could afford the basics of life on a daily basis with the hope that tomorrow is settled without duress.

There’s never been such acts of generosity displayed at its peak as it was displayed by InksNation Dao in 2020. For the 5 months of operation, nothing remained same for our users all around the world.

In December alone, the noble organization opted for a massive December gig for her members, something remarkable and first if it’s kind in the crypto space.

Where individual members visit different location across the states, and federation to use their QR- supported Cards to purchase items.

With over 1.3 million users in attendance in major cities like Lagos, Rivers, Abuja, Kano, Kastina, and Enugu, to mention a few. The average Nigerian had hopes upon such remarkable events and supplies were made available.

Though the event was later hut as a result of so many reasons and also for the safety and well-being of her prestigious membersIt was not an easy task but thanks to the founder and President of InksNation DAO, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks.

He said in his words “I have made up my mind and I’m giving my whole life to this project to ensure that the average person on earth has the basics of life without having to know anybody.”

He has proved it time and times again. This must bring to mind that the success of this project means something remarkable to him and to the rest of the masses whom despite all the humiliation from every corner had shouldered up and kept on track his words and promises. Perhaps we should add at this point that August was just a rehearsal. Global relaunch will definitely be a boom.

We’ve seen people’s hope elevated, we’ve seen people pray and patiently wait and trust the words of the President, together with his team.

If all of this happened in barely 5 months launching, guess what could happen upon the confirmation of the global launch?

Have you imagined the numbers of folks that would jerk out of poverty for ever? Yes we understand that it seem as if Pinkoin not listed on conventional exchange platforms makes it look impossible. Read this article to have a grasp of a some things in the crypto space.

Again have you considered those in the hospital who would suddenly have supplies and resources to get proper medical attention and treatments?

Just for a moment, imagine a world where basic amenities(Food, Shelter, Clothing and proper health care) are properly meant, this would mean that some homeless folks will have resources to afford a roof over their heads and food to eat the cloth to wear.

What is your imaginations drawing on in preparation for the global launch, we are eager to hear from you, drop your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. I see a situation were inksnation project takes the world by storm. The project will rewrite the history of humanity.

    Kudos to inksupdate team. The media website becomes more interesting with more features on daily basis.

  2. I could imagined that Inksnation has come to fulfil the good promises of God to humanity.
    God bless Inksnation. God bless & Long life UDI and the house of Omotade Spark.

  3. Nigeria is a country where nothing actually works. We only need God to help and not religion. We have missed the point of human progress.

  4. Thanks to UDI for giving us we trust exchangers to define our potential

    I can’t wait to see the booming of this global launching
    100% in support of pinkoin

  5. If they are looking for the most happiest person on this EARTH,I should be number 1 person,my reason is that all the plan that I have been trying to succeed could not come to reality but with the POWER of this project (INKSNATION) it will surely come to reality.
    Thank you our BELOVED UDI,may the Almighty GOD continue to BLESS you,STRENGTH you and your team,ijn.

  6. If it is not Inksnation; it is not Pinkoin.
    Pinkoin to the world. Awaiting!
    Thank you UDI for the Vision and Mission.

  7. 1000000% ink. InksNation is a project by revelation. Inksnation made me a potential exchanger in cross river state, a prospective merchant with my school banner all over Nigeria. Can’t wait to obtain fees in my school with pinkoin. All thank to God for initiating this project using UDI. We are a family.


  9. God bless Inksnation…! Pinkoin the moon. Inksnation project is number 1 of million project all over the world designed to fight poverty. The Relaunch of inksnationdao is inevitable and powerfully loaded to end poverty globally.

  10. Inksnation this lunch is taking for ever… We unstand there can’t be payment, yet let see the website running 24/7 ,then we would believe!!!

    • Thank you for your response Sir. The website running 24/7 definitely runs on money, and lot of it actually. If the there are no transactions or activities on the website, it will be a complete waste of funds if the site keeps running. The website will be fully up and running as soon as everything is set and we are closer than we were yesterday.

  11. pinkoin is one of the best thing to happen to average man and woman globally.Having waited all these long pls my desire and suggestion is that the global launch should come when the table is set for dishing out the delicacies otherwise we can patiently wait till its done.purchasing power is what gives a currency value so once pinkoin has gotten that then we can relaunch globally.

    • Thank you so much for your response Mr. Matthew. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for believing in the process. We are ensuring that everything works before relaunch and we are close definitely

  12. Inksnation the most dependable cryptocurrency digital money among all in the universe we are looking forward for the relaunch globally

  13. So happy to read this article in inks and I know that it shall come to pass when we will look back and give thanks to God for this wonderful organisation.

  14. Inksnation is the hope for the common man in this country and the world at large. And we awaits the global launch.
    We pray God should strengthen UDI and all other inksnation team.



  16. God bless UDI for this wonderful project, we keep pray for you sir, 100% sure to unite the whole world together.
    Sir i wish to represent inksnation in my country but the registration is no longer going, how can i do?

  17. I believe in the Vision and mission of Inksnation, i just pray things should work out as plan by our UDI, who has really pass through a lot of difficulties and challenges.

  18. I see a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE ahead for our great Country Nigeria and in fact the whole wide world with the emergence of INK NATION PINK COIN. I see the smiles on the faces of the down trodden, I see our leaders and those in Government shouting FREEDOM AT LAST!!!! Yes, I see a world FREE FROM STRESS and humans becoming REAL HUMANS. A world where LOVE REAL. O UDI, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  19. Oga Amos, is a God sent Messenger who bore the burden of his fellow beings just like Jesus Christ. I fear the Wisdom in this man (Omotade Amos) because the spirit that speaks to him is for him alone. God doesn’t work with many rather He chooses who ever that He pleaseth, eg Moses for the Israelites, Noah for the world, Jesus for redemption and Omotade Amos for feeding the entire world. What a wonderful gift. Congrat my able Master Omotade Amos DAO. May God continue to strengthen you till He comes in Jesus name Amen.

  20. I am seen it as a breakthrough moment for every common man. I can’t wait to witness it. God bless UDI and the inks family.

  21. As long as inksnation project is concerned it holds a better future for the humanity race globally no matter the race of colour

  22. Inksnation is the first project we ever enjoy in Nigeria with their sincerity… I wait paintiently for the global lunch… More grace to UDI.

  23. I’m the most happiest person on earth to being part of this great project, inksnation-Pinkoin is the best thing that has happened to humanity, my request is that we should be payed all backlogs as reward to our being patient for the global relaunch. I love you UDI

  24. Infact at last I have hope in this country that I will be a rich guy in life thank you my U D I God bless you truly you are God sent

  25. Life without INKSNATION IS TERRIBLE. ITS BECOMING CLEARER EACH DAY. MAY God answer all our prayers. And do a miracle for us in this noble project.

  26. What else can I say? – than to note that God’s MIGHTY Finger is on Inksnation’s Project.
    Some persons wanted to know when this Global Launch will take place but no response
    from the Inksupdate Team to this question.

    I want to strongly suggest that, this GREAT Global Launch should take place by October
    1st – Nigetria’s Independence!!! But why this suggested Date? To answer this question, we may also ask another question. Thus: What’s the purpose, aim and idea of “INVENTING”
    Pinkoin? I think the answer should be to alleviate us all, (NIGERIANS) from abject poverty
    that is, grant us freedom from poverty which, in other words is INDEPENDENCE!!!!

    Hope our amiable Inksupdate Team should consider this idea and passionately convey
    same to our GREAT Founder, UDI.

    Augustine Chuks Okoh

  27. Am just being optimistic cos with inksnation going blank ever since without me receiving anything I hope it relaunches soon and massive so somebody can be free this stress in this country

  28. After God, Inksnation is my next hope so I am anxiously and prayerfully waiting for the global relaunch because I believe that God will use daddy UDI, mummy UMI and their team to liberate masses ,who can’t meet up with their daily basic needs , out of poverty. Sir/ Ma May Almighty God uphold you and your family in the process of this gigantic project. Daddy UDI, please sir I take God beg you don’t listen to negative words of the people because of halting the project, they don’t understand the concept of digital currency, besides the pains poverty is giving to Nigerian masses is too much, quick money is what they are expecting initially. So please sir don’t mind their derogatory words, you are the God sent for the project. Thanks a lot.


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