Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Keeping a positive attitude

Its another meeting day headed by

Ibrahim Idris the BAUCHI STATE DG.


Brief history about Nigeria at the first place and nowadays…

 Nigeria is a country where justice and peaceh is declared & being amended and love by it citizens at the first place from it independence amalgamation, but suddenly after a while period of time the nation has been miserable and hard place to live by it citizens due to the unfair governance by some of it rulers who are implicated in dragging the progress backwards by some centenarians activities from the previous generations set of leaders and not been able to update the nation's with the current era of the world modern progressive & innovations, which lead to the drawn back the nation progressive & economy, which results to:
  1. Lack of fin-tech innovations updates for the country economy, which lead to POVERTY increment to it citizens.
  2. Lack of sufficiency & UNITY to it citizens to live comfortably & PEACEFULLY, which lead to Crises, violent and many more increments of anxiety in the country.
  3. Lack of UPDATES, INNOVATIONS & RENOVATIONS, which is dragging the country backwards in the fields of modern progressive. ETC…

This is the reality, if there’s anything that motivate and keep impressing us the most about INKSNATION is the thousands sufficient abundance that brings to it members.

  1. Oneness: in inksnation we represent all colors in one weather you’re eg: Hausa, Igbo, or Yoruba. In fact weather you’re black white or Asian. As long as you’re human beings we represent all colors in one under inksnation community. We become all colors in one…
  2. Peace: in our community we live peacefully. NO fighting, NO harassment, NO violence, All we do is love, sharing & unity.
  3. Equitable distribution of wealth: Yes you heard me correctly!!! In our community humans live like Kings and Queens. Because we deserve it… Humans are the most important asset on earth so we deserved to be served with honored and respect among the assets, Inksleger financial system has brought us out of money worshiping, with the daily sufficient distributed basic income provided.

And we respect our anthem as the best anthem ever heard on earth 🌎 entirely. because we learnt from our anthem never to discriminate neither do we segregate

Those are the most important things that keeps making us proud as an inksnation community members…

An advice to the community

This is a winning level I think, if so we can’t achieve them easily just like that, we have come along way and seeing many possibilities already, almost one step ahead success. We need to exercise patience and to be more united in oder to move fast and drawn the step closer in order to bring INKSNATION TO LIVES

Inksupdate team




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