Thursday, January 27, 2022
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The above image carries the information needed by the inksnation community.

Please we will strongly advise our great community to join hands with their state excos and exchanger on bringing Merchant onboard.




  1. Impatience has always been the source of problems in humanity.
    Remember Abraham required patience to own a child name Isaac and Abraham inherited the promise of God through Isaac with patience. ……!!! Pls. Father, Abide in us thy Patience that “Thy Will Be Done On Us”…..!!!

  2. Dear sir, the idea is good but same time be noted that this is naija and the the civilization is not yet go round.some don’t border to pay attention some are on the fence.
    Now if we can start something and use it as means of communication to least open the site.

  3. Some distributors eg soft drinks and alcohol (beer), cement said they inquired from the head offices of these companies if they would collect pinkoin from them, they said no. Can you help us merchant these various big companies eg cocacola, 7up, Guinness, Dangote, etc

  4. The masses have experience so much fraudulent activities from various platforms, groups, individuals and even the community.
    So it is very difficult to convince them for any other thing except the fact that u gonna give them prove
    Everyone in this country has become a suspect whether u re real or fake until u prove urself . Thank u

  5. Weldon job the mighty hand of the Lord will strengthen you all in Jesus mighty name. I realized that the mistakes we’ve made is from the biggining, ie we supposed to have marchat form starting with registration of users. Now, because we can’t not asses the acct is another challenges to convince people. I suggest, if we can still make it to have asses to the acct people we come by them self to register as Marchant Any way I believe God will help us and He will surely complete what He has started in Jesus mighty name.

  6. I understand the work inksnation is doing and it’s aim but I strongly wanna say this, try to open the website and let people test withdrawal. With that, their confidence will be back with inksnation. Merchant registration is not something simple and not everyone has the capability to be a merchant. There’s poverty in the land. People are dieing from waiting. Let them survive!!
    Enable withdrawal first!!!

  7. Good day management and all beneficiaries,it’s almost a week now,what is happening,area calm and quiet, no disbursement

  8. Greatly ink. Is good to avoid stampede & looting as a result of overcrowding. But, i sincerely doubt the 2000 per LG reality. Some LG will exceed the number while many will fail to. Let’s apply the formula of “seeing is believing” Testimonies will shoot the exercise up definitely. Proudly an Ink.


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