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No Reason To Panic – $Hatoken Version Two (V2) Under Development

Hatoken is currently undergoing a must migration process. the DevTeam has finally taken the pain of migrating the token to its version two.

Several members of the community has earlier suggested that the token should be migrated to version two but due to several reasons this advice and suggestion was not put into play

On Sunday 9th of January 2022, the DevTeam behind the project painstakingly began the migration process.

There was panic in the community as all the Liquidity was withdrawn from the market which in turn caused a massive dip.

But InksNation being an organization of Love and Integrity, well you know what that means: EVERYONE’s FUNDS IS SAFE!!!

The announcement of the migration was made the president and founder of InksNation DAO Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks

Therefore enjoined every member of the organization to stop all buying and selling until the migration to version is completed.

Omotade-Sparks in his breifing stated several reasons why the migrtion was necessary. He said:

  1. Scammers are accumulating $HATOKS from innocent members to dump massively on us.
  2. To control massive dumping by whales draining the liquidity pool.
  3. To add tax to buy and sell of SHATOK.
  4. There are some trading bots dumping massively on the project, which has delayed our success and wasted most of our adverts.
  5. Massive marketing coming soon globally, in order to get a positive result, we need to solve all problems of massive dumping, to secure the investors.
  6. To deflate the power of bad whales frustrating the project.

Omotade-Sparks refers to the migration as the solution to BAD WHALES in the project and also stated that only legends will understand the benefits of this migration.

Reporting: Aruwa Oluwaseun

Stay tune for more updates



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