Thursday, January 27, 2022


It day 11 of the 37 meeting days headed by BAYELSA state director general BRO INK STANLEY DUNOGBENE.

Now to his words.

The coming together of peoples to form a Community of INKS, significant a one worthy of reckoning has never been without a common dream. To borrow from well-documented history the people must at least share a sense of purpose that is uniform in application, INKSNATION adaptation and pursuit. To show an identity is to lay the premise for a truly great Community.

The FOUNDER of INKSNATION, UDI and UMI had a dream to build a Community where peace, prosperity and justice should prevail with equal distribution of wealth were attainable by all. It was a fair dream, which UDI had to pass on to the next generation of Leaders, then the next and so on.

By all means it had to be prolonged this way for it to become a reality. The fight is still on and it’s continue until we win the battle. Our Fatherland were we born into, has so many good things in it, Does Nigeria still have the trace of the greatness.
But through INKSNATION yes, and PINKOIN our currency for the inks.
The Nigerian dream was to be the pride of the black race and center of development in Africa, and World at large. With INKSNATION is a dream come true, This is the message of our Father UDI as come to deliver to the world at the time, however in the years that have passed several dreams have emerged and the true dream is now INKSNATION in action, And PINKOIN the democracy of money. The reserve currency for exchange to any cryptocurrency in the world.

Think about the brain God has bestowed in Nigeria, to bring this dream to pass, that intellectual wealth. It was meant to be from the beginning. Everyone that had gone outside the shores to acquire knowledge, wants to come home and find its useful here. To be fair no one wants to leave a country that works for another whose systems are in chaos.

Time has come for change, and they said Change is invitable. let us embrace it with Joy, and all of our heart and begin to leave in abundance were every child is Special. We should all inform everybody to join INKSNATION and accept our currency PINKOIN for all inks. Goodnews is INKSNATION has come to save mankind so let come together say yes to PINKOIN ACCEPTED HERE, that is the change, come let embrace it. WE ARE ONE UNITED GLOBAL FAMILY. were there is no segregation, no Discrimination, no Oppression, were we operate in love, Sacrifice and Discipline.

Inkupdate team



  1. That’s good!INKSNATION.the most powerful digital nation.all thanks to our able UDI AND UMI.ALL EXCHANGERS,EXCOS,AND END-USERS.For making this new country called INKsnation a success.many physical nation has been agitating for freedom yet no one listen to them but INKSnation succeed blc of it powerful currency called pinkoin.


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