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Pinkoin Has The Power To Undo The Effect Of Covid19 On A Global Scale – National Secretary General

What if we tell you that our project has taken a new dimension? Do you know that the delay in our global relaunch is a massive blessing? I bet you don’t know. Which is why you are about to see for yourself.

In a briefing yesterday, the National Secretary General of InksNation DAO Foundation Bro. Ink Precious Momoh Iyanuoluwa unveiled some truth as to what is expected from the global relaunch

Look out and Take note of the following words: HATpegged Currencies, “The system is here”, “Bye bye to poverty” and “Universal Basic Income” Now to NSG words:

Lots are happening in the crypto space, many countries are looking into the perfect system of cryptocurrency.

We once said earlier last year, Covid19 has shown the whole world that we had nothing and we are all standing on one toe globally

Covid blew a breeze on the cloth covering the one toe to unveil to the world that all countries shouting superpower and the likes has nothing to save the human race of the real disruption finally unveils itself.

The effect of covid globally is an unstable economy all countries of the world are looking for how to balance the current economy of the world.


Due to the effect lots of countries are looking into the adoption of digital currencies and licensing them because that is the only solution as of now.

Now, we are happy at Inksnation DAO because we already have a perfect prototype for the next financial system built on the same system many governments of the world are looking up to.

I tell you, Dear Inks, the global system for InksNation DAO 2.0 is too massive and very interesting, the system to be unveil for the global mission has the power to undo the effect of covid-19 on the global economy

As said Humans are the biggest asset on earth, with our HATpegged currencies, Many countries and individuals in the world will be saying a goodbye to poverty.

The system is here, already planned for the sake of the Human race with a Universal Basic Income, it will be unveiled soonest.

Keeps supporting in prayers, God almighty is with us.




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