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Still the world first humanity coin

it another meeting day headed by Edo state director general Bro. Ink (Pst) Oghogho .D. Uhunoma


Why we must believe in Inksnation (pinkoin)

  1. Nigeria is like a plane crash landing (from History)
  2. How ideas and various strategies by the governments are failing.
  3. Why pinkoin will make the difference.

Nigeria became a British protectorate in 1901. The period of colonisation, which lasted until 1960, when an independence movement succeeded.
Nigeria first became a republic in 1963, but succumbed to military rule, and since then, the failed system started.

The first Republic Foreign exchange earning and government revenues increased spectacularly with the oil prices from 1973-74.

Our Nigerian shillings was of great value, higher to the U.S dollar 88 times.
UK pound was only 2 pounds higher.In

In second Republic Oil price went up from 3dollars to 12dollars per barrel.
In 1979 it went to 19 dollars, Nigeria was the sixth largest producer of oil in the world, with revenues from oil of 24 billion dollars per year.

Third Republic It was the republic of killings by General Babangida, and the late Sani Abacha governments. In fact, it was the republic that press the button of the crash landing Nigeria is experiencing now.
Naira was introduced on 1st January 1973, replacing the Nigeria shillings at the rate of 2naira = 1pound, but from 1998 dollar became 22 naira from that day dollar never came down again.

Fourth Republic Brought military president back again to power ( Olusegun Obasanjo) as the first Democratical elected president.
Like putting a new wine in an old bottle.
Then real civilian government came later ( Yaradua and Jonathan), came but did not survive in the system.

Before the third Republic

  1. Nigeria scholarship was much, but the military rulers stopped finding it.
  2. The economy that made Nigeria the sixth riches country in the world, started collapsing.
  3. Naira exchange rate that was higher then to dollar.
    The Naira that was 88 times higher than the dollar, is now 500+ lesser to dollar.

Nigeria is the riches country in Africa only by Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P), which is only from Oil, but now 27th position in the world.
The reason is because, Oil and Gas is no longer a must demand products.
In reality, 40% of Nigerians live below poverty line, 40% are on poverty line, only 20% which are the elites and few individuals, and civil servants.

Why pinkoin will make the difference.

First, we need to know why Nigeria is failing.

An eminent African novelist and critic ( Chiuna Achebe), while addressing Nigeria’s problems, he said ” aiming to challenge the resignation of Nigerians and inspire them to reject old habits which inhibit Nigeria from becoming a modern and attractive country”…. Published 1998 ( The Trouble with Nigeria).

The one and only problem of Nigeria is “Mentality” problem that is rooted in selfishness called “Greed”.

This is what gave birth to the problem we are faced with in Africa at large.

Inksupdate team

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