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The Dip Is Your Greatest Opportunity To Buy Into Wealth – Hatok

In the crypto space there are so many terminology that are being used on a regular basis. You hear terms like DIP, DYOR etc.. All these terms are used to communicate in the crypto space just like every other sector with their respective registers.

DIP simply means a point where the market comes down almost loosing more than 100% in a day. Well this is one of the most scary moment in the crypto space but the good news is the fact that this is also one the most biggest opportunity in the crypto space too

The dip might make some investors WHO ARE NOT PATIENT looses their funds so fast. Why? because of fear that is all.

In the crypto space you really never loose money until you sell. Investing in crypto is like buying shares in an organization or company.

This is the current experience of Hatok and a lot of investors don’t seem to understand that the Dip is an opportunity to become more powerful in the crypto space

Why Is The Dip Your Greatest Opportunity?

In the crypto space there are those that are called Whales. These set of investors are the big boys in the market, they owned a very large percentage of the entire crypto unit or coin unit. In the case of Hatok, these are folks that owns in Trillion unit.

When the whales buy into a market, the price of such token or coin skyrocket, similarly when they sell off, yes you already know what that means right? The Market comes down badly.

Now here is how this is a great opportunity for you. When the market comes down what happens is that the price per unit of a token or coin becomes cheaper and that give an individual the opportunity to buy more or add to their position in the market.

This singular act gives an individual the grace to make more money when the market finally turns upward because it always does.

Secondly when whales sell off like this, it really gives room for a true fair distribution of wealth that crypto currency intend to establish.

InksNation DAO is at the core of seeing to it that every human on earth is set free of poverty. Yes it will be a long walk to see that this becomes a reality but it is doable especially when you are an humanitarian Like the President and founder of InksNatinn DAO Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks who will not stop until humans are truly free of poverty.

Bag more Hatok now that you can and become truly free financially for the rest of your life.



  1. Long term hold is the key. I strongly believe this project is already a success, because it has a SOLID BACKGROUND.

    Hatoken to the moon๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘ฒ


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