The sleeping lion is about to roar and the jungle is about to be shaken. Well of course this time we are talking about the world shaking.

As it was stated in our meetings before that when the headquarter is done with their preparation for the global relaunch, the president and the founder of the inknationdao foundation will address the general populace on the way to go for the betterment of every member integrated into the system.

Guess what? A day has been scheduled for this long awaiting meeting which is the 16th of October 2021. You are wondering what will be happening?

On this day, the president and founder of the inknationdao foundation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks will be addressing the house and you definitely don’t want to miss this meeting.

and all members are implored to attend the meeting and listen to the necessary information that will be disseminated.



  1. This is awesome, the awakening of the LION. Hmmmmm Inksnation is indeed a Lion that will be let loose in a short while.

  2. GREAT!! Yes God is about to harken to our crying and patient waiting for the final actualization of Inksnation objectives and aspirations.
    May the LORD Himself keep empowering YOU Sir. I’m proud to be An Ink.


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