Inks Nation DAO SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Message to all End-Users/Beneficiaries

  1. InksNationDAO 2.0 is taking a new form and starting the process all over again because of the global relaunch
  2. All registrations/memberships will be totally free this time for old and new end-users
  3. All former payments of N1,000, N10,000, N100,000 and N1 Million will be refunded into your wallets as UBI-Dollars which can be withdrawn after the vesting period.
  4. The Free Registrations will be handled by the new set of KYC-Agents.
  5. End-Users benefits is pegged at a Universal Basic Income of $300 in UBI-Dollar Monthly after the vesting period.
  6. Universal Basic Income will start when we hit our global target of 2 Billion Members, with the free registration the process will be fast, therefore all End-Users have to wait till then.
  7. End-Users who can not wait till we achieve 2 Billion members Globally should become KYC-Agents to fast track the process.
  8. The New Decentralised KVC will mint an Avatar in form of an NFT as a Digital Identity and a pseudonym combination of English, Arabic and Chinese Names for each member’s Avatar to achieve both privacy and traceability, also to promote our core values of peace, oneness and unity. Eg James Yusuf Guang.



  1. Una don fuck up bros!
    2billion people no be 1,2,3 na.
    we neva reach 100million,nt to talk of a whooping 2,000,000,000,
    abeg,make we reason am na,since 2019

    • This is on a global scale Mr Temitope, nothing like a fuck up in the above write-up.
      All you need is to get ready to work and mind nothing good comes easy. And you to can become a KYC agent and earn for yourself before the target is met. This is an avenue to liberate our destiny from the hands of bad leaders and until we see this we have no where to go.

  2. All are are possible, I read about a native Chinese man who single handedly raised a carnal, when the whole of the village abandoned it, the place became a dersert, this man dunged for eleven years, eventually achieved his goal, all the villagers came back, vegetations blossom again, he was labeled a hero, moreso, it’s only the dry leaves that fall off at the slight shaking of the wind, kudos to Daddy ink, keep it up we shall win.

  3. I’m Brother ink PRECIOUS, Bravo Daddy & mummy inks UDI,UMI to your good WORK with inksnation team for the success of our global relaunch to GOD ALMIGHTY be forever praised Amen, pls daddy UDI since inksnation we now in partnership with the republic of CHINA to keep producing inksnation PHONES, pls sir can other electronics like TV set, Home theatre, refrigerator etc and Author mobile like Cars be added to it, let’s have merchants for FOOD MATERIALS vendor here in Nigeria THROUGH our own here with those that are already in the inks family. Thanks sir UDI & UMI and inksnation teams

  4. Let’s take it easy and set up a target that is feasible, l have not seen any cryptocurrency Community that have realized such target. Pi network that has a steady recruiters have only 23 million. Bitcoin, Etherium etc.
    Nevertheless, I believe in someone vision, who knows what God has for lnkNation Community. Any thing is possible

  5. Good news so far. Nothing good comes easy,we will keep on moving until we reach our destination.The UDI and other people on top, we appreciate all your effort. May God continue to guide you all.


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