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The new global economy



Since before civilizations to date there had never been a time where Money or it equivalent means had ever been ignored in the system of marketing.

It is a common habitual to human being that changes do occurred in the system according to the needs of time and the way countries replace direct exchange of goods even before the introduction of paper money and banking activities.

In the same line 180 sovereign nations of the world had been able to create their own national currencies for the same purpose which makes even storage of wealth possible and easier.

Consequently the growth and modernity of human existence age by age has today brought the world into coming most closer to each other as one family of human race which initiated the use of one or fewer currencies for the whole mankind.

As at today the most popular one is crypto currency.

From the experience we had on the crypto currency the America invention of Bitcoin has superseded all others in the Anal of history, yet its limitation to usage gives unblocking chance to others for continual invention to a danger extent, which brought Nigeria into it today.

Nigeria invention of PinKoin has currently placed it on top of the world by the system to which the Pinkoin smartly sales its value to entire humanity through global family of Inksnation by which initially the world is attracted to its usage very cheaply while in return, Nigeria which has the capacity of its production will gradually control the economy of the world.
This means in the near future Nigeria will get to a stage of being richer, quickly developed and becoming the regulator of world economy.

Take an example of how commercial banks are attached to the central bank, of being their regulator and distributor no matter what the economic situation ranked, such will be the exact position of Nigeria to the global economy once the world embraces Pinkoin as golden in the use of crypto currencies, as the method Inksnation currently bent down doing charitably.

Some of the immediate benefits include:
1.    Having strength economy to face global challenges of modern time such as strong economy, military strength, superficial in world politics.

2.Nigeria would be able to settle quickly and amicably all its foreign debts without any of the seen and unforeseen consequences most of which currently stand a bottleneck in its yearnings for progressive economy.

3. Attainment of true political aspirations of Nigerians. Nigeria will have a true and assuring government through good leadership devoid of corruption and its likes because money politics must be avoided.

4.Nigeria can use Pinkoin as it reserved currency which means that the wages will be high in both civil and private organisations.

5.Nigerian merchants will have international business relations which widens the scope of their activities, additionally problems of currency exchange (Foreign Exchange) between nations will reduce to a great minimum, adding more convenience in trading activities.

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13.Nigeria in this position will escape threat from other nations in both military and economic embargo.

  1. Naturally good relationship of Nigeria with other nations of the world would boost and secure it and its neighbouring nations, regions and with other religious brother nations of the world such as Israel and Arab nations. In other way round such as technological relations with western nations peace and harmony would be an added advantage.

All these above mentioned added advantages are obvious once the Inksnaion succeeded in its mission of making its pinkoin a global currency, and certainly if its agents are up smart and doing well to the best of their ability such a target will be just a stone thrown.

The fact that every one needs money, mindless of the difficulty of getting it and the honey there in yet Inksnation decided to give it out freely,

who would then reject it baselessly?
The success solely depend on the determination of agents.

We should always remember the statement of

Mr. Nelson Mandela about Nigeria that:

The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world need Nigeria to be great as a source of pride and confidence.
Time has come for Nigeria to wake up from slumber and backwardness to calling of ultimate success and prosperity.

Let me end my write up with the statement of the noble British Missionary to Nigeria in person of –Pa Sydney Granville Elton, 1986 that: Nigeria and Nigerians will be known all over the world for corruption.

Your name Nigeria will stink for corruption but after a while, a new phase will come, a phase of righteousness. People from the nations of the earth will hold to a Nigerian and say, we want to follow you to your nation to go and learn righteousness.
Crypto currency is the biggest and last opportunity for our nation to regain it sense of livelihood, INKSNATION in particular.



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