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The Three Types of Christian and Three Types of Muslim

In the past week, the President of INKSNATION DAO Foundation, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks delivered a 5 days intense lecture to the member of the community.

We are going to give all the major point of the lecture in the next five post here on inksupdate. You can be sure that you will learn alot reading through these posts.

Now the lecture in his words:

The aim of this lecture is centered towards unity. Inksnation stays for promoting love, oneness, peace,unity and equitable distribution of wealth. inksnation represents all colours, race, religion in one.

Now let stay the discussion The 3 types of Christian

The sarahic type of Christian:they believe they are special, and salvation must come through them, this type of Christian believe that Muslim is not of God and only their own type of Christianity is acceptable before God

Isaac types of Christian: they feel the children of haggia are not relevant, and should not partake in Abraham inheritance.

Abrahamic type of Christian: they believe everybody is one

Types of Muslim

Haggia type of Muslim: this type of Muslim feels rejected or humiliated or ignored, they feel Christian make the in relevant

Ishmaelic type of Muslim: they are pained because of the harsh treatment Sarah gave to haggia their mother and they are very wide.

Abrahamic type of Muslim: they believe everybody is one.

That why in inksnation we don’t segregated or discriminate and above all things love, respect and honour all men



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