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The uniqueness of a great nation-inksnation

In the past week the CEO of inksnation AMOS OMOTADE SPARKS (UDI) talked about the hidden mystery of the country Nigeria (why Nigeria must not divide)

Nigeria was founded On January 1, 1914, by Lord Frederick Lugard, the governor of both the Northern Nigeria Protectorate and the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria.
Since 1914 to date Nigeria has moved from it’s glory days to the current state of insecurity, insurgency, banditry, poverty, but let look at Nigeria closely and deeply, Nigeria happens to be a country that has over 500 ethics group,250 languages in just one country and also all this people are indigenous citizen of Nigeria, Nigeria also cover a region that have so many mineral resources, precious items, even human resources,it happens to have over 200 million population and African biggest country, Nigeria also combines the two major religion in the world which is Christianity and Islamic religion

Nigeria is a remnant nations of the world: a remnants nation is a nation that is to rise up in the end of time, nations like united kingdom and united state are trying to achieve the aim of the remnant nation.

The true remnant nation is not about migration, the reason is that UK and US forefathers understood that the remnant is suppose to be the most powerful nation on Earth, to become a remnant nation is divinely selected and the nation that is qualified to become the remnant nation is Nigeria
Nigeria is more than an 100 years old, Nigeria as a remnant nation and also the summary of the world:what that means is that every good and ugly is summarized in the remnant nation which is Nigeria,from isis, Al- qaedda,terrorism, suicide bombings, kidnapping,the Nigeria versions are banditry,Boko Haram,Fulani herdsmen menace, kidnappings e.t.c.
So, not until our leaders discover that we must not allow Nigeria to be divided by any ethics crises, religious sentiments e.t.c rather we must be united. Therefore, for peace to reign in the world, Nigeria must not divide because it’s the summary or remnant of the world.

Say no to discrimination, segregation,we are all colours in one, all races in one,all tribes in one,all religion in one. We need one another to survive because we are inter-dependent. Inksnation has projected all these with humanity first.

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  1. Dear Daddy Ink sir, I learned that the WTO DG Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iwaela advised the CBN to make use of digital economy so as to save the country from recession. Sir if I may suggest sir, I wish you could make use of this opportunity by communicating with Mrs. Iwaela concerning the existence of INKSNATION and the motives sir. I’m sorry if I offend with this ideas sir.


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