Thursday, January 27, 2022
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TOP100TOKEN Confirmed Listing Hatok Token

When a lion roars, the whole jungle shakes. Hatok token, the world’s biggest meme token built on the Binance Smart Chain is getting the attention of the world, even at prelaunch stage

popular platform in the cryto space Top100token confirmed the listing of Hatok on their website today through their twitter handle

Tweet by 100toptoken

This is not a shock considering the record breaking history of the organization behind Hatok, InksNation DAO foundation the African most popular DAO foundation built on the blockchain

InksNation DAO is currently over 6 million registered member. An organization like this is the one of the few organization in the world with the ability to take up such a project.

At time of this writing, Hatok is currently over 2000 holders and remember we are still at the prelaunch stage. The proper launch is schedule to take place on Monday 20th Of December 2021. Watch-Out

Stay tune for more updates.



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