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Truth About EFCC and Inksnation Founder – Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks

Yesterday the EFCC (Economic And Financial Crimes Commission) on their Facebook page, flagged the President of INKSNATION DAO Foundation, Amos. Sewanu Omotade-Sparks arrested.

Any one familiar with a Cryptocurrency project currently, will know this is no big deal, this has been a long waiting expectation, in fact it is coming a bit late

Therefore the EFCC action did not come as a shock at all. The president of InksNation DAO Foundation definitely must has been expecting this all along.

Alot of people are writing about this ongoing event and many has even said what was not mentioned by the EFCC themselves but it’s okay, I understand why.

Sometimes humans loves to expantiate lies than they really want to find the truth. Several stories flying across the media about this ongoing event but a major truth has been left out unsaid by most of the bloggers

One of those truth is that, the President of InksNation DAO Foundation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks went to them(EFCC) himself.

Inksupdate Team placed a call to the organization head office yesterday immediately the the EFCC released their public notice and

The house of Omotade-Sparks will like to assure every member of the organization that everything is completely under control and more importantly this is another bridge to be crossed in this journey

Anyone calling inksnation project a ponzi scheme probably don’t even understand the difference between a ponzi scheme and blockchain technology. And instead of asking relevant questions they jump into assumptions

Assumption is the LOWEST level or form of knowledge. The InksLedger Blockchain is a stand alone blockchain and because it doesn’t operate like others doesn’t mean it is a ponzi scheme. In fact it probably implies that it beats every other blockchain out there

We live in a world where thinking differently or doing something differently from how everyone is doing it is viewed as a crime. Trying to solve a problem in a new way is seen as a crime against the norms.

InksLedger Blockchain is one of the best blockchain in the world. Just because no one has done a thing in a way doesn’t necessarily means that it can not be done that way

Inksnation creating a perfect system that has the ability to solve the problem the cryptocurrency project generally set out to solve and they couldn’t is one thing WORTH CELEBRATING this amazing foundation and the brains behind it. The brain I mean Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks

But guess what? We are in the part of the world where people celebrate mediocrity instead of creativity. They celebrate a low level thinking instead of different making thinking methodology.

One day, Nigerians will wake up and realize how much they need inksnation so badly and I hope that they all remember this season in moment.

I know that the founder of InksNation DAO Foundation will definitely pull through this but I hope Nigerians will remember this season and note that truly changes doesn’t come easily.

Stay tune for more updates on the latest happening

Inksupdate Team reporting.



  1. All we know is that nobody can touch our CEO because he has not done anything deserving punishment. Simply because somebody wants to help his country no mean that he not responsible. Let him alone jare#


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