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UDI Hinted Inksnation Members On The Ongoing Project – Inksnation

The founder and President of InksNation DAO Foundation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks popularly known as UDI(Universal Daddy Inks) addressed the house yesterday 14th of September.

In his words he appreciated every member of the organization for their patience and love and also enjoined every members to be patient a little more.

He continued: with all the happening globally in the cryptosphere, God is arranging the whole world in a way that when we come back for global quest there will be little or no part of the world that would have not had one knowledge or the other about Cryptocurrency so that the global transition will be massive

He hinted members that news about the relaunch will be release soon. In his words: “We are getting close, all necessary information/Good news will be disseminate soon.

Well this is the part where we will tell you to stay tuned for the information as regards the launch of the global rocket, of course we are talking about Pinkoin



  1. With Nigeria Project Giant – the eNaira launch in October 1st; all eyes on Inksnation Pinkoin.

    Inksnation shall fulfill promise of ridding the world of poverty.

    Thank you UDI.

  2. The God who created humanity will not allowed us to died in the hands of the wicked rurals.with his grace inksnation is the answer. God bless daddy inksDao!. God bless inks members!!.God bless Nigeria!!!.

  3. Am so so happy infact am speechless for this sercifice that our u U D I have done for humanity God bless you sir you will leave long to eat the fruits of your labor in Jesus name amen


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