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Universal Daddy Ink’s Addresses InksNation DAO foundation

On Tuesday 11th January, 2021 Omatade-Sparks (UDI) address the members of InksNationDAO via telegram channel concerning the new move on the project.

He said “Firstly I wanna thank you for your patience and dedication so far, since we started this whole process from 2018 till date. We have made lots of friends and even enemies along the way, but God’s grace has always been there for us.

We have the hearts of lions and lionesses, we are not backing down, every problem is a challenge that must be defeated. When we see challenges we look for solutions.”

He also added, “We will focus on KYC agents after this session. The major challenge was if all were to buy you will all have different amount of Tokens, some will buy high some low, so we decided to choose a middle ground for all kyc agents so that they can have equal amount of tokens.

In order to achieve equal distribution, all Tier One will get 10 billion Hatoken each, all Tier Two will get 100 billion each Hatoken and all Tier Three will get 1 trillion Hatoken each.”

He concluded by saying, “We are distributing watchout before the end of tomorrow (12th Jan, 2021) you should all (KYC agents) get your emails with instructions on how to participate.

Also, make sure you have downloaded Trust Wallet and have your Smart Chain Wallet ready.

If you don’t get your email tomorrow then it’s either you dropped the wrong email or you paid to the wrong person or the person you paid to then didn’t deliver your message.

Always stay tune for more updates on inksupdate, however will be the middle ground for disseminating information about $HATOKEN. Visit HATOKEN official website regularly



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