As part of our Global Relaunch, InksNation’s Decentralised KYC comes with a Unique digital identity NFT Protocol called Universal ID which functions on the InksLedger Blockchain as a Blockchain Agnostics.

Protocol interoperable with DeFis, Trad Fis, Blockchains and SideChains. It is aimed at maintaining user privacy while also achieving traceabilty meeting up to all KYC/AML requirements.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible Tokens are items, artifact or things uniquely represented on the blockchain which has no exact duplicate or copy and can not be exchanged with a similar item of the same value. It’s one of a kind, special and unique.

Universal ID is therefore a decentralised Identity NFT Protocol for everything, which allocates a Unique identity of the InksNation LivingNode Logo in the form of an NFT to humans and non humans within the InksNation Ecosystem.

Each NFT is unique in that even if they are millions or billions of the same type, no two of them will be the same in colouration and or design and each one can be scanned to get the users Universal Wallet Address which is embedded in the NFT.

Your personal NFT AS A Digital Identity will also serve as your profile picture in the InksNation DAO Social Media Network.Male HAT NFTThere are two types of NFTs on the InksLedger Blockchain, the Human Asset or HAT NFTS and Non Human Asset or Non-HAT NFTS.

The HAT NFTS are unique decentralised identity NFTS used to represent only human beings while the Non HAT NFTS are unique decentralised identity NFTs used to represent non human beings from animals, real estate and mostly non living things.

The HAT NFTs also comes in two forms which includes the Male HAT NFTS with the LivingNode Logo facing the left and the Female HAT NFTS with the LivingNode Logo facing the right.

The Non HAT NFTs are represented with the LivingNode logo boxed in a shield-like container.KYC-Agents will handle the decentralized KYC process using our HATONOMIC Artificial Intelligence Protocol which will get iris, facials and all necessary datas then after you have been verified a three in one pseudonym will be generated along with your HAT NFT.

As part of our objectives prom love, peace, onene and unity in fun ways, your pseudonym will be generated as one English name, one Arabic name and One Chinese name, this is done to combine both user privacy, anonymity and at the same time achieve traceability, in compliance with all KYC/AML regulations.

KYC-Agents will have their personal links which means they can register from within and outside your country and also online.

Video trainings will be made available for KYC-Agent before the general KYC process begins in January.



  1. Interesting update. We will continue to appreciate the inksnation’s team for this great effort.

    But I think it will be kind of the company if the faithful excos/exchangers are given the privilege of serving as KYC agents without paying the agent fee.

    Once again, the team is highly appreciated.

    • Yes, it would have been a better option, but to avoid the error of the past everyone that has an interest in becoming a KYC Agent has to register with money so far they will be paid for the job done for the company. So if you pay $20 or $200 or $2000 for registration, and from there becomes a millionaire before the target is met, don’t you see it’s a laudable project?.

      • And don’t forget UDI had already said that all the faithful Excos and Exchangers will be duly compensated.


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