In the next few years we might have AI as lovers an friends. The development of robotics and AI will drastically change how we live and how we do things.

There are lots of people still in the dark wondering if this is actually true? Well fortunately it is very true. Our lives will change, our operation will change. People might be able to find the kind of unconditional love they want after all. Smiles that’s just a joke but hey it’s kind of true though

In a lecture section yesterday, the national secretary General of InksNation DAO Foundation Bro. Ink Precious Momoh Iyanuoluwa shared some light on this subject revealing an AI and robotic called Sophia and Philip.

Now if you don’t know this two guys, you need to check you next door neighbor, you might find them there. The point is that robotic and AI are here to stay and that it is a blessing to humanity contrary to what alot of people feel about this technology.

Imagine the power of combining AI and robotic and Genesis Technology which is been used by Inksnation DAO Foundation to create abundance for humans. How amazing is that? This is an unbeatable innovation of our time. Thanks to Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks.

According to the national secretary General “Humans must prepare for abundance before this technology becomes the norms of the day thereby displacing humans from their daily activities.”

Just imagine that you have an AI that can learn how to love you unconditionally. What do you think? That will be amazing but that will also mean that there almost nothing they can not do when it comes to being human.

This means that they can indeed displace humans and take humans job. Companies will prefer to have robots that will not fall sick and feel tired when working. Companies will rather buy robots that can do their jobs with almost 100% accuracy.

Question is what then happen to we humans? Of course you know the answer already. This is why we must prepare for that time.

Stay tune for exciting updates on our global relaunch.



  1. Dear Daddy Sparks. Thank you very much for all the updates. I want you to realize that some of us have been in the dark as regarding relaunching of inksnation merchant.

    When is it likely for global relaunch.


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