Thursday, January 27, 2022
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We Are Not Who They Say We Are – Inksnation National Secretary General

Inksnation is growing stronger day by day despite all the attacks, despite all the ups and downs. The community has proven to stay united like never before.

Just like every other blockchain project with a significant difference. Inksnation has conquer and still conquering attacks launched on the project.

Yesterday the national secretary General of InksNation DAO Foundation Bro. Ink Precious Momoh reminded the community that inksnation is not an investment platform contrary to what some people believed

Inksnation is a foundation on a strong mission to help humanity using the blockchain technology. He pointed out that there are several foundation around the world with different goal

There are NGOs around the world currently doing nothing and this does not make them a scam. He emphasized that inksnation has proven itself in all way to the world that the foundation is definitely here to give and not to take from the people.

The organization registration certificate was also shared to the entire community to further support all this claims.

Inksnation DAO Foundation certificate

The world is changing so fast, nations are moving towards a completely digital transaction oriented society and the good news is inksnation is at the forefront of this transformation.



  1. Come back of Inksnation is a definite answer to millions of questions.
    Special thanks to UDI and other hard working executives.
    God is faithful ❤️

  2. Halleluyah, God has finally put the devil into shame.
    Inksnation will not die in the Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ.
    May God help the DAO to fulfill its mission


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