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We Are On A Mission For Global Launch – National Secretary General

We might be pretty closer than we thought. African largest DAO Foundation, popularly known as InksNation DAO said the organization is on a mission to launch globally.

This was made known by the organization National Secretary General, Bro. Ink Precious Momoh in a briefing with the community.

According to him, it is becoming clearer to everyone all over the world that the emerging technology known as Blockchain is taking over the tech world, especially in the area of finance.

Inksnation DAO appreciate all that has been done in the blockchain space, for example; there are several projects in the crypto space currently working on digitizing our currencies. He said.

But Inksnation already has a prototype that works perfectly well across board. The uniqueness of Pinkoin as a digital currency makes Inksnation project stands out. He added

Our uniqueness is what gives us confidence of what the future holds for InksNation.

Alot of project are coming up in the crypto space, proposing a standard for CBDC system which is already implemented on the InksLedger Blockchain

InksLedger Blockchain

InksLedger Blockchain was designed to be everything a financial system should be. It can handles Salary Payments all coded on the blockchain, it has one of the best if not the best DR-CBDC modle (the first of it’s kind actually)

He therefore, encourage the community to hold tight and value the project as the the organization continues to works for the greater good of humanity.



    • We have been patiently waiting for the relaunch of Inksnation. I know this time there will be an excellent inksnation DAO. This inksupdate site is a very positive step in the right direction.

    • We are looking forward to a better InksNation for us all 💯👌👍🍇 Allah God Lord we always be Ur Strength 🙏 InksNation We Moooove pls how do I join the campaign team this is from papalanto Ogun State Nigeria

  1. Hi, my names are YAKUBU ISAH ADUBAZI. I’m an inks. I’m very Happy for this new developments on inksnation. At least, with what we have just seen now, it means, light is already at the tunnel.
    Since the inception of inksnation, I have no fear or doubt over inksnation, because I believed on technology.
    And inksnation is God’s own project. I’m very Happy.
    Inksnation… united global family.

  2. The reality is that ‘Anything good does not come eazy’, you know how many years it took you to have that academic degree certificate, you remember though you can calculate the hours you spent in the class room(s) right from you elementary class to tertiary but you can still remember the numbers of teachers or lecturers who impacted to you and makes you become whom you are today. ALL THIS CALLS FOR PATIENTS, therefore let us be patient for I CAN SEE LIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TUNNEL.
    I AM AN INK.
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless Africa
    God has blesses the World!
    (I’m an Ink Olurotimi M.O)

  3. We are looking forward to a better InksNation for us all, Allah/God/Lord we always be Ur Strength InksNation We Moooove pls how do I join the campaign team this is from papalanto Ogun State Nigeria

    • This is the best happening in human history. May God stand with the Organization and see her through.
      We are gradually saying bye bye to poverty. My little experience and enjoyment in the around November and December disbursement last year makes it obvious to me that this organization is after our “living as kings and queen” as God would want us to live.
      Many thanks to InksNation DAO

  4. Faithful God, there’s no one like you. You will not put your children in shame. People laugh at us call us names. Some of us our integrity has become something else. We pray to you oh God Inksnation will be great achievement that people will see and glorified God. We are always praying for you Daddy Ink and Mummy Ink. May God reward you.

  5. This development is great, I pray Almighty Allah will support us in all this and make it successful, am happy to see this way forward, UDI you are great , keep striving we are with you.

  6. Now dt inksnation is coming bigger.dere should be a review of some of their package.for instance d 12000# monthly payment for end users as well as#18000 for merchant should now be given upward review as inflation as affected d price of commodity in nigeria.forexample let assume they are coming out now the two monthly payments shud b #20000 n 30000respctively to make it meaningful to d ppl of dis country but since they are not lunching now,d two monthly payments shud b review to a level dt inflation will dictate at d time of lunching.good luck, wishing you success on ur journey to relunch. Thanks.


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