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We Are Ready For The Next Move – FCT Inksnation Director General

It is a common saying that behind everything working are people working. Or better put, behind every successful organization are hard working individuals.

It has been proven to be true all through ages that Great and Successful Projects or Innovation are built on the strength of consistent, hardworking and tough skin individuals.

This is not far from the reality of InksNation DAO Foundation. The number one project in the crypto space fully backed by people all around the world.

In the middle of all the Ups and downs faced by the organization, with all the attacks from every angle, the community continue to wax stronger and stronger every day.

Yesterday the exchangers in Abuja held their meeting and guess what? It was mind blowing. Lots of folks were present to discuss and prepare for the global relaunch.

This again has proven that humans are the best and greatest asset in the world. Several systems has come and gone yet humans remain the true value of any technological advancement.

FCT Abuja Exchanger

Pinkoin was created to represent the true democracy of wealth. Pinkoin as a cryptocurrency is described as “The money of the people, by the people and for the people”.

The collective effort of men and women working behind the scene through the help and wisdom of God is what has brought this project this far and we keep seeing this trend all across the 36 states in Nigeria and other places in the world.

Lagos Director General stated recently: “No Retreat, No Surrender. We keep pushing and we will never stop working”.

We can not begin to explain several ways by which the success of this project will be of help to humanity, even plus the people that don’t seem to be seeing it right now.

20 years or 30 years from now, we will look back to this moment in time and it will all look like the beginning to us where everyone will tell the story that a technological revolution came which I personally refers to as Genesis Technology but it is generally called the Blockchain Technology.

We will tell this stories to coming generations that an organization called inksnation were one of the few organizations in the world to first used this Genesis Technology to revolutionalize how human behave towards money and how human perceived money.

Indeed we can proudly say that Inksnation DAO Foundation is one of the few organization at the fore front of utilizing the power of this Genesis Technology to bring practical real life solution to human beings around the world.

Very soon we will talk extensively on the Genesis Technology on this platform and we discuss what it is capable of doing to humans and why it is so important we jump in right now.

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  1. We all are ready for the next glorious move.

    May God bless UDI!
    May God bless INKSNATION!!
    May God bless the federal republic of Nigeria!!!

  2. We will always be the witnesses of this holy project all over the world. God bless all members of Inksnation DAO Foundation

  3. We hope to see it later and every human being will be at the point of success.
    Blessed Inksnation President long live with your family members and even the Inks members.

  4. May the Lord bless U.D.I
    Protect our leader and founder of this
    great project in Jesus mighty name

  5. UDI has come to stay
    God bless inksnation
    God bless the founder and president of pinkcoin inksnation.
    The poor are still waiting for this rescue mission


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