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We Predicted This, And It Is Happening Already. The Future Is Here – Inksnation

It’s no news to the world any longer that Cryptocurrencies has taken another dimension to claim a position in the financial space.

Looking at the rate at which many countries of the world are planning to create their own version of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

It is of no doubt that Cryptocurrency is here to stay and to also help our current inefficiency in terms of fast transactions and cross border transactions.

This is why we are excited to see the move around the world happening just the way we predict here in Inksnation. The founder of InksNation DAO Foundation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks said it several months before the first CBDC was ever launched.

The beautiful part is that, Inksnation already created a prototype of this solution built on InksLedger Blockchain ever before any CBDC was launched or talked about. A system that supports INSTANT CROSS BORDER payment.

Guess what? The coolest part of this system is the fact that there is an INSTANT CURRENCY SWAP mechanism coded on the InksLedger Blockchain that automatically convert one country currency to another.

This is what we mean, so if a person in the United State of America send some funds to someone in Nigeria for example, there is no need for any middle man to render the service of converting the Dollar to Naira anymore.

The blockchain automatically convert the dollar to the equivalent amount in Naira before it gets to the person’s wallet. How cool can this be again. This operation happens literally in Nano secs

Inksnation believe that every human, deserves the best to live like King and Queen. We believe in ease existence of human beings. The world governs with Love and equity.



  1. What a beautiful edifice, it’s time we embrace the perfect innovation and make our financial system second to none.


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