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What do you see about inksnation 2.0

Good evening fams, am so excited, trust we had a productive day, cause my day was superb.

Today we will be looking at visions, but before we begin there is a difference between vision and dreams

Dreams can be bogous and lacking in definite pathway of achievement while

Vision are more intentional at least starting and moving towards achievements

Dreams are common

Vision are rare

Cardinal things about vision

  1. Vision determine the directions of a man’s life.
  2. Vision determine the supplies that comes your way
  3. Vision will determine your association

I want us to know that Inksnation DAO foundation is a man’s visions and It’s a privilege to be part of it.

So what do you see about this project, click on the comment section let hear from you.

inksupdate team



  1. With Inksnation 2.0 I am seeing a new beginning for humanity.
    And God bless the innovator of this great vision.

  2. Inksnationdao 2.0 is the highest positive thing that can happen to humanity. It will mean a new beginning for the human race.

  3. Inksination dao foundation in a confidential communication means that the same human worth a living and never suffering. There is no longer need to do commit suicide and sin in the cause of finding money to leave a fulfilling life on earth. We are humans we worth a living.


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