Good evening family, trust we had a productive tesday, today we will discussing about web 3.0 but before then let talk web 1.0

Web 1.0 started from 1991-2004 the internet was mostly used to get information, no chatting or even watching videos.

Web 2.0 started from 2004 to data, the website was not only used to get information but the web also gets information from us, when we use Facebook, Google, e.t.c they save our information in order to serve us better and also sell it to advertiser’s.

Web 3.0 uses block chain which means most organization or company will run a DAO [decentralized autonomous organization]
On like web 2.0 we are a product while In web 3.0 we are the owners we control what we post and so many things.

Really block chain is the next big thing, you don’t want to miss out

Inksupdate team



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